4 Ways to Transport a Senior for a Doctor’s Appointment

Seniors most often find it difficult to drive the car to make a visit to the doctor’s clinic or other non-emergency medical appointments. Missing a key appointment with the doctor is not good for a senior. Are you finding it difficult to take your Mom, Dad, Grandpa or Grandma for a doctor’s appointment because of your busy work schedule in Freeport? In this case, you can rely on a dependable Freeport taxi or any other transportation options.

Here is the list of different ways of achieving a reliable senior transportation for a doctor’s appointment!

  1. Book a Taxi:

Booking a classic yellow cab or taxi service in Freeport will prove to be one of the best ways to enjoy a senior transportation for a doctor’s appointment. The professional taxi drivers are knowledgeable and courteous in handling the transportation for the elderly. By booking a taxi service in Freeport for the senior’s nonemergency medical transportation provides a great sense of freedom and well-being. Compared to public transportation, a taxi service ensures door-to-door transportation, which proves great for a senior.

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  1. Medical Car:

Medical car is one of the senior transportation options to visit the doctor. This type of transportation option is good for seniors who have mobility but need assistance (or instance a senior who walks with a walker or cane). A medical car transportation option helps the senior to travel with a trained medical professional who will accompany them and respond in an appropriate way.

  1. Wheelchair Van:

If a senior is confined to a chair, then getting wheelchair van is the perfect solution. In this type of senior transportation, one or two vehicle attendants will arrive and assist the person in getting into the vehicle. This mode of transportation offers an extra sense of peace of mind and security.

  1. Home Health Aide:

Have you hired a home health aide to assist your Grandma and Grandpa in Freeport? Then you can rely on the aide to drive them to and from the doctor’s appointment. With a home health aide, the senior will have a companion by their side while visiting the doctor.


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